Cleaning Your Rosary

Gemstone Beads

Except for pearls, it is safe to use luke-warm water and a bit of soap. Do not use a brush on amber as it may scratch the finish. You could also use an untreated cloth. I recommend 100% cotton.

This chart is great for specifics on cleaning gemstones and learning about toughness and Mohs hardness.

Wood Beads

Never submerge a wooden rosary in water. Use a soft cloth and furniture cleaner as opposed to a polish.

Sterling Silver Wire and Parts

I recommend using a small brush and some toothpaste with no additives (i.e., baking soda or other harsh additives may scratch the wire or the beads).

Protecting Your Rosary

Because these rosaries are heirloom quality, you will want to protect them by keeping them in a box or in a rosary pouch or other container. Do not carry your beads in your pocket or purse by themselves. They can easily get scratched or pulled apart if the wire catches on another object.

Here are some pictures of rosary boxes which I make from fine hardwoods. If you are interested to purchase a box with your rosary, please send me an email with size specifications and type of wood.



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